A piece of extended reality art.

What if we would augment open spaces that function as a place for discovering art?

Most art is never seen because of limited available space

There is a lot more to an art gallery than what meets the eye. About 80% of all art is stored in warehouses and is not visible to the public. How might we uncover these hidden treasures?

Everything available to everyone, all the time

Why not clear up some space and make it into a virtual art gallery? While visiting, you could discover the hidden treasures the gallery has to offer.


Art is uncovered from the archived collection

Every piece of art is scanned in 3D and tagged

Through an app the collection is made available virtually

Visitors can view the complete collection while visiting

Visitor preferences and behavioral data is captured

New art experiences are created by insights from data

Out with the old, in with the new and the unknown

At first it might seem strange to walk into an empty art gallery. But using technology that empty space is quickly filled with the richest variation of art possible. Now you can view an art collection completely tailored to your personal preferences or others that inspire you.

A piece of art, to take home and enjoy again

View art in mixed reality is great of course. But what if you could take your favorite pieces of art home with you in a tiny frame to hang on the wall. Well, you can! Because it’s virtual, you can have your private art gallery at home.

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