Before you buy, see if it fits you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see your precious next purchase in your own home before buying?

You should never judge a book by it’s cover…

OK. That SUB by Heineken looks fantastic, but would it fit your home, would your housemates like it, can you buy it right away? Let’s make that a great experience.

Sometimes, virtual is just as good as the real thing

By projecting a 3D model on a marker, you can place the SUB right inside your home as if it was there. Take a pic and share with your friends. Looking good? Buy it right from the app!


We created a high resolution 3D model from the original SUB.

We created a unique marker to enable the projection.

The printable marker was made available online.

We created an app to project the SUB on your phone.

With the app, the SUB can be discovered from every angle.

Buying the SUB directly from the app, available in 10+ countries.

The magic marker makes sure the SUB fits your home

In our quest trying to figure out how to fit the 3D model on a surface in the right dimensions, we created a printable magic marker. As a reference you could use your credit or debit card to see if you printed the marker at the right size.

Testing the magic marker
Feb 2015 / 0:15 min

A single unified experience, for fans from all over the world.

You know, after tea, beer is the most universal drink in the world. Being an international company and all, we made the experience fit for multiple countries and languages. 

Marker? Schmarker!

Technology has again proven to overtake us fast. When this idea was born, AR technology was also just a toddler. Nowadays you don’t need an app or a magic marker to see something augmented in your own reality.

Try it

Well… that’s awkward.

You see… we’re talking using latest technologies here. That means this is not for everybody right now. You need to be on iOS to actually use this.

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