Noise free augmented social media.

What added value would augmentation have, if it could lift the noise and information overload in social media streams?

Social media is for everybody, that makes it impossible to use.

Let’s say you’re one of the biggest home furniture retailers in the world. And you have a small army of people that use social media to share inspiration with each other. How could we enhance that experience?

A curated augmentation layer to filter social streams

Social is just too much of everything, making it nearly impossible to use for business. That’s why we created this augmentation layer that enables authors of inspiration to curate, filter, tag and distribute inspiration.


We analyzed the use of social media with authors in the organization

We found out how these authors shared their inspiration

We connected, scraped, cached and stored a huge amount of content

We made curated, tagged and filtered content accessible in a mobile app

Leveraging the power of social media, a new platform was born

A completely new way of sharing inspiration and gathering data

Using the best of both worlds

The hardest thing to change is the behavior of people. Using social media is a habit for most, so we took that habit and connected it to the secure, noise-free, safe and curated environment of our platform.

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